We design and produce:
• leaflets
• booklets
• posters
• teacher packs
• trail guides
• interpretation panels

We also:
• draw maps
• originate illustration
• animate illustration
• build virtual 3D models
• touch screen presentations
• interpretive displays and exhibitions
• make Apps and Web based media
• write and edit text
• create works of art

An interpretive installation may be designed to stand out or blend with its surroundings. It may be sculptural, architectural or hardly there at all.

Illustration shows what a vanished structure looked like; how machinery worked; the appearance and occupations of people in the past; helps to identify wildlife; shows how rocks were formed in geological time. Illustration can save using hundreds of words.

Mini movies made for the internet or touch screens by animating illustrations and adding sound may show an industrial process or enable the viewer to walk virtually into and around a building.

Artwork that has been modified for viewing on small screens may be accessed by Quick Response codes or downloaded directly from websites for use in mobile phones or tablets as portable guides to heritage sites.

Ideas and concepts are drawn from the interpretation theme itself, from its cultural landscape, its historical context and associated artefacts.